In a survey carried out last year, Nuneaton's hull was found to have worn down far more than was expected, to the point where she could not be safely used for fuel deliveries.


The Trust arranged to use another motor boat for the 2019 coal run activities, and repairs on Nuneaton have now begun. 

As you can see from the photograph, the work is significant and costly. We have been fortunate in securing funding to cover the immediate costs, but the upkeep of two traditional boats built in the 1930's is ongoing, so we always need funds for repairs and maintenance. The proceeds from our coal sales support this work, but additional funding is often needed.  

If you cannot crew or support the Trust in other ways but would like to support us financially, please get in touch.


All revenue and donations to the Trust are spent on the upkeep of the boats.

All Trustees, Administrators and Crew are volunteers. 

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FLEET No: 156. Built by W. J. Yarwood No.555.

TYPE: 'F' Town Class.


KNOWN AS: Large Northwich.

DELIVERED: 08/08/1936.


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FLEET No: 242. Built by: Harland and Woolf.

TYPE: 'F' - Town Class.


KNOWN AS: Large Woolwich.

DELIVERED: 27/11/36

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