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NBT Related Videos - Links


Over the years a number of videos have been made by the Trust and it's members, and been uploaded to You Tube.  

Some years ago, the late David Blagrove together with NBT Member Fabian Hiscock and others made a short film explaining aspects of the boats and their handling. The video was put together without prior planning by a member who turned up with his camera to the beginning of a trip and started recording, so is very much 'fly on the wall' style.


We are currently searching the Internet for other NBT related Videos and will add links to them here.  These first few are the work of the late Roger Hutchinson, who brought his own particular style to the edit. 

Dont Bang 'em About!

One Glorious Morning in Brighton. 

Paint it Black

Whilton Working Party

Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2010 

Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2010 Part 2. 

Three Fellows Fragments

Summit Reverie

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