The 'Coal'  Runs

COVID 19 Update. 


Our Summer fuel delivery run is now cancelled: given that our crews are all volunteers from different households and the uncertainty around how long the current isolation policy will last, we believe it is the only responsible thing to do. 

We are currently planning to do the Autumn run starting in September, but please check this site for updates.  

The twice-yearly fuel runs are an important part of the Trust's activities. Aside from the revenue they bring in from the sale of smokeless fuels  - all of which is used for the  maintenance of the boats - we aim to preserve as far as is possible the skills associated with handling a pair of loaded working boats, one of which is unpowered. 

This is significantly different from the handing of modern shallow draught leisure narrowboats or even unloaded ex working boats. Whether you have been boating on the UK's inland waterways before or not, you will find the experience interesting. 


The coal deliveries can be hard work, and the accommodation is basic by modern standards, but you will come away from the trip fitter and knowing that you are helping to preserve a small part of our heritage. 


It is not unusual for crews to spend very pleasant evenings in one of many excellent waterside pubs.   

Without people to crew the boats this activity is at risk - contact us to arrange to join the boats for a day or longer.

01483 591756 (evenings)

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