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Welcome to the Narrow Boat Trust website. 

If you are interested in traditional working canal narrowboats and would like an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of steering both motor boat and butty boat, working as a traditional 'pair' then the Trust would love to hear from you. No matter if you are an experienced boat owner, regular hirer or complete novice you will find handling our boats an interesting and rewarding experience as well giving you an insight into a way of life and skills from an age gone by.       

The Trust owns the 'Large Northwich' motor boat, Nuneaton and the 'Large Woolwich' butty, Brighton, built as part of the massive expansion programme of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company (G.U.C.C.Co.) in the mid-1930s. (For more details of the pair's history go to The Boats)

They are still used for carrying traditionally as a pair whenever possible, crewed by members.
We give people the opportunity to see a pair of narrow boats in full working trim, and members to crew & display the boats at Canal Festivals, the Waterways system generally, and to look after & maintain the boats.

Tradtional working narrowboats
(above: At the 2011 National Festival at Burton - pic: Tim Lewis)

Traditional working narrowboats

To find out more about membership, the Trust, the history & specification of the boats, events and much more, just use the Navigation Bar on the left hand side of the screen, or click on the links in the text, which are in green.
For enquiries contact: Chairman@narrowboattrust.org

(left: Brighton & Nuneaton.)

The Trust's main source of income is from the sale of solid fuels, transported across the UK from the Midlands to the South, along exactly the same routes in use when the canal system was the backbone of the industrial revolution. 

As a crew member you will get fully involved in all aspects of running the boats. Yes, it can be hard work, but it beats going to the gym and we have been known to enjoy the odd very pleasant evening in the canalside pubs. 

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