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The NBT Members Forum.

The Trust has a members-only forum group hosted by Yahoogroups. 

You'll need to sign up to a Yahoo account, and then ask to join the group, but once that's done it's a convenient way to keep in touch with other members, contribute to, and follow, discussions

The group also has the facility to share photos photos, calendars, etc and read messages in the group archive. 

To join the group,click: 


Be sure to include your full name so that your application may be approved

The group is private so your membership of the Trust will be verified before your registration is confirmed.

The Narrow Boat Trust is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Cardiff under number 1724536

The Registered Office of the Narrow Boat Trust is at:
23 Redway Drive, TWICKENHAM TW2 7NT

The Narrow Boat Trust is a charity registered in England under number: 288243

email: Chairman@narrowboattrust.org.uk